18 July 2010

Just like a bus...

...you wait ages and then three come at once! Three posts in one day should make up for the silence of the last few months, it is not that we have not been doing stuff, we have. We have recorded a lot of it too, it is just that the family have been really busy with work, school etc of which I involved with too, but often means that computer time for this kind of work is put in the 'to do later' pile.

One of the family has been taking me out into the reserve at the back of our house a lot lately for off leash running, I love it! I am also learning to be obedient as you can see from this video. I seem to get more off leash running time if I come back, this is easy to do! It pleases the family too.

My bed of choice

As you know we sleep a lot. I now sport three large beds in the house and follow the sun during the day moving from one bed to another. I really enjoy sleeping! I have been having lots of off leash runs in the reserve behind where I live and I also love the freedom to run! My bed of choice is the one above, it is in the window at the front of our house. A big dog is meant to be a deterrent to intruders, how menacing do I look?

GAP Auckland July Run - Mt Eden

View Mt Eden - Dog off leash area in a larger map

We have been off of the radar for the last couple of months, the family seem to have been really busy and I have been settling further in to the life of pampered pooch!

Still, it was great to meet up with some pals at the GAP Central Auckland monthly run this week. Met my half brother too. You can see his owners take on the event and their images by clicking on the Greyhounds as Pets icon in the map above and selecting the Arrow option.

My pictures are here: