24 April 2011

Easter Show

My family took me and my new compadre, Jess to the Royal Easter Show at the Auckland Showgrounds this weekend. We were bundled into the car and off we went, I love traveling in the car and stood all the way with my nose out of the window. Jess just lay there. Once inside the grounds we easily found all of our old mates and met many more new ones at the GAP tent. Jess had met some of them too from the last GAP meet at Four Seasons in Glen Innes a couple of weeks ago. It was really busy and we were ideally positioned between the rabbits and alpacas to really want to get off the stand and go find the source of the smells! Apart from that distraction we were on a corner site and had loads of traffic come past us. We were all over loved, patted, stroked and kissed by thousands of people.

As a result of us hanging around as we did, we were able to hand out loads of brochures and many of the visitors are now really interested in adopting some of our fellow hounds. I hope they do.

The images below are from the show. Forgot to write down the names of the hounds but you will all know who you are!

23 April 2011

GAP - Advert

I have just spent a good deal of the day at the Royal Easter Show in Auckand promoting the GAP cause. I was accompanied by the new arrival in the family, Jess. We and the other hounds got huge amounts of attention, but more of that later. I did overhear that an advert has been produced on our behalf. So as soon as I got home I looked it up on the GAP website and have posted it here: Please pass it on!

22 April 2011

Winsome Jess

Today, after 5 weeks of fostering by Laura in Auckland. Jess came home today to live with Stanley. Currently Stanley is 35kg and Jess is 23.5kg she is much smaller than Stan, but is already asserting herself. The two of them have been getting to know each other all day. We are ensuring that the next week will be quiet and measured for Jess so that she settles in quickly. Good news however, tonight she ate all of her food that was given to her. Here is a picture of her and Stan walking on the reserve. Tomorrow they will both attend the Easter Show for GAP.

03 April 2011

Greyhound information

My family were cruising You Tube today and found the following video about us Greyhounds. They thought that it was a pretty neat overview of us hounds. They have posted it to my blog and encourage everyone else who has an online presence to embed the video to their sites in order that anyone looking to adopt has some information to look at.

02 April 2011

Four Seasons Pet Store and Waiatarua GAP walk

My family took me out to Waiatarua Reserve today. We go here quite a lot as it is a wildlife wetland and dog off lease exercise area, although strangely they never let me off the leash here. The purpose of this visit today was to meet up with some of my old mates and meet some new ones. I was hoping to see Arrow my half brother, but either we missed each other or Arrow had another gig.

We had a great amble around the wetland and at the end of the walk we posed for the ubiquitous photo. It was a great turn out, I think that I counted, well sniffed, 16 hounds in total. Way to go Auckland GAPpers!

After the walk there seemed to be an unseemly haste on behalf of our owners to procure caffeine from Nosh in Glenn Innes. After this we paraded at Four Seasons Pet Store just along from Nosh. We met some new hounds here. We met Barney, Nikki, Poonie, Ice and Hoss as usual but were introduced to so many new hounds that I am not sure of all of their names. But I do remember Isis, Otis, Molly, and Winsome Jess. You can see most of us in the pictures below and if you can identify more of the names in the images please let me know by leaving a comment.

I did note much talk from my family of adopting another hound after today's gathering. I wonder what this might mean?

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