02 April 2011

Four Seasons Pet Store and Waiatarua GAP walk

My family took me out to Waiatarua Reserve today. We go here quite a lot as it is a wildlife wetland and dog off lease exercise area, although strangely they never let me off the leash here. The purpose of this visit today was to meet up with some of my old mates and meet some new ones. I was hoping to see Arrow my half brother, but either we missed each other or Arrow had another gig.

We had a great amble around the wetland and at the end of the walk we posed for the ubiquitous photo. It was a great turn out, I think that I counted, well sniffed, 16 hounds in total. Way to go Auckland GAPpers!

After the walk there seemed to be an unseemly haste on behalf of our owners to procure caffeine from Nosh in Glenn Innes. After this we paraded at Four Seasons Pet Store just along from Nosh. We met some new hounds here. We met Barney, Nikki, Poonie, Ice and Hoss as usual but were introduced to so many new hounds that I am not sure of all of their names. But I do remember Isis, Otis, Molly, and Winsome Jess. You can see most of us in the pictures below and if you can identify more of the names in the images please let me know by leaving a comment.

I did note much talk from my family of adopting another hound after today's gathering. I wonder what this might mean?

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4-legged Wiums said...

Hi Stan,
What a shame that we missed you, it was a shambles here this morning and we just couldn't make it. First, my dad wouldn't get out of bed, then my mum wasn't feeling great, and THEN Snoopy got a beesting on her paw and was VERY upset!
Hopefully we will see you at another GAP walk soon.
From Arrow

dakinane said...

Hopefully we can see each other again soon. Hope the family recover from their ailments soon!