22 April 2011

Winsome Jess

Today, after 5 weeks of fostering by Laura in Auckland. Jess came home today to live with Stanley. Currently Stanley is 35kg and Jess is 23.5kg she is much smaller than Stan, but is already asserting herself. The two of them have been getting to know each other all day. We are ensuring that the next week will be quiet and measured for Jess so that she settles in quickly. Good news however, tonight she ate all of her food that was given to her. Here is a picture of her and Stan walking on the reserve. Tomorrow they will both attend the Easter Show for GAP.


Fatima said...

hello David and Evie (and kids ) -
Jess should settle in nicely. SHe is just a lovely girl, isnt she? She comes from the same trainers as my Louie.
Love Fatima and the hounds

Fatima said...

I LOVE Jess's collar! :)

Fatima said...

David - just one more thing. :) Schofields (Jess' trainers) feed only raw Jimbos meat to their racing dogs, so in the GAP kennels, when Jess just arrived, we had to give her some Jimbos mixed with Nutrience to 'switch her over' to kibble. I expect she is well used to the kibble now, but in case she does not eat for whateevr reason, just get some Jimbos mince, or sausages or veal bones(in supermarket) and mix with ehr kibble. Fatima

dakinane said...

Fatima, Thanks for that information, very valuable. Jess has been with Laura up in Auckland for the last 5 weeks and has been getting used to the gruts. Jess seems really hungry and inquisitive. Both meals she has had so far have been gulped down. So maybe the transition has been made?

We have just got back from the Easter show and a long walk both Stan and Jess are zonked out on the floor near my feet. They are still sorting out each other, but she is wonderful. I will be posting some images later.