15 September 2012


Once we got home from Animates and the GAP fun, Jess and I crashed and my family took this unfair photo!

GAP Aimates Sylvia Park

It has been a while since we wrote.  My family have spent most of this year moving and once they moved it was all painting, carpeting (which in our stress we have christened :)  luckily they purchased eco strand carpet!)  It has taken us a while to adapt to our new surroundings, we do not get out into the new garden too much, it is very different terrain from our last garden and this one has yet to have a fence put all the way around it.  My family have started to work on this garden and they are sharing their efforts on this new blog, the Garden Tamers Diary, you should go and check it out.

We have slowly settled in and our new walks are wonderful, lots of cats to keep us entertained!  This winter has been so cold and wet that we have not had many opportunities to go for a run, Jess' hip still plays up, the vet thinks that it might be early onset of arthritis and so she is affected by damp and cold.  This means that this winter we have run once and nearly always have our "Stan" and "Jess" fleeces on.  Real eye catchers, lots of new people stop us and want to talk to us in our new neighbourhood.  We watch the ducks and the Pukeko, one duck has just had 11 ducklings and Jess really wants to make friends with those little fellows.  I must get the family to post some images of us on our new walks and with us in our named fleeces.

You can double click on any of the images below to see them as a slideshow - much better!