14 March 2010

Hundreds of little humans!

It has been a bit of a strange week for me. The family has settled into a bit of a term time routine where they leave the house in waves, the first starting at 7:50 and depending on the day the last at about 9:00 each morning. I just lie on my bed watching the coming and going, the forgotten lunchbox, keys, whatever. Normally they start drifting back from about 3:30 onwards and I usually play with the Kong they leave for me and then settle into sleep on my bed.

This week as I said, has been a bit strange. First of all one of the family decided to work from home on Monday so I had company, of sorts, so I just slept at their feet until I was bored of that and found my usual spot. Then later in the week I discovered the joys of sleeping in the bathroom and re-organising the austere layout into a more comfortable arrangement! Then on Friday, instead of watching the family leave in their waves, I was bundled into a car and taken to work with one of them. Now this had the potential to be really exciting and it was.

I spent the day at Wakaaranga School in Farm Cove. Some of the students have been doing a topic on pets and so my family thought that it might be a good idea if I went in. Well I have never seen so many little humans in one place at one time! I was in the playground at lunchtime and it was like a scene from the Pied Piper with hundreds of children following me around the playground!

I met a couple of classes and had my photo taken with them. I got really friendly with one girl and planted a big wet kiss on her cheek! By the end of the day however, I was exhausted and was glad to leave. I am not sure whether I enjoyed the day, it was full on! I slept for hours once I got home, they really are exhausting, I think that I was suffering from sensory overload!

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