25 December 2011

Jess's First Christmas

Today is Christmas day and it is also Jess's first Christmas day with our family. So I took her under my wing and showed her the ropes. I am a bit of a veteran with this Christmas thing now. Mind you my first year with my family at Christmas ended up with me in hospital as I ate too much... but that it another story!

Christmas seems to be all about eating and lazing around, something we hounds are good at! But there is something different about Christmas day, pressents! Both Jess and I got presents. I find ripping paper and extracting the gift inside easy, Jess has still to learn the fine art of avarice and greed! But she is getting there.

Once my family sat down to share their presents, it was our turn to remind them that the focus of attention should be us at all times. Therefore, Jess and I strategically arranged ourselves to ensure that we were both appropriately in the way at all times. You can see our day in the images below.

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