05 August 2014


We went on our first holiday with the family recently.  Normally when we see the bags being packed, we sulk!  We realise that we are about to be packed off to the kennels.  The kennels are not our favourite place to go as we can not take our own beds and we have to mix with a whole load of other dogs that are not as well behaved as us!

Last Friday it was the same thing, suitcases being packed and bags piled by the door, but the big difference was that our coats, blankets and beds were in the pile too!  We went to this great place and had a great time.  You can see others like us who have enjoyed it too.  There were sheep in the field, but we were not allowed to play, so we went to the beach lots and found all sorts of interesting things to do.

In short it was great and we overheard on the way back that it was so successful we will all be going back again.  We can't wait!

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Helen Hardie said...

Looks like Stan and Jess have a great life! Xx