19 December 2009

From Big Dapto to Stanley

My name is Stanley, but I raced under the name of Big Dapto. I am a racing greyhound, well I used to be. I was born in Australia on October 25 2005 and have raced in New Zealand as Big Dapto. You can view my racing history here, when you get to the site you have to put in my racing name: Big Dapto. In brief I won 3 races from 38 starts. I hope that I made my trainer proud and proved to be worth the investment! However as I am now not racing I have to conclude that perhaps my racing career was not as good as it could have been. My report card might read, "Could do better."

My trainer obviously decided that it was time for me to part company with him and put me up for adoption. The good people at GAP (Greyhounds as Pets) help dogs like me transfer from the life of a racing hound to that of a pampered pooch. I have spent some time in Sanson going through all sorts of procedures to transfer from the track. I have been waiting in some kind of beauty pageant with my fellow ex-racers waiting for some loving family to take me and my friends into their homes. And so we wait...

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