26 December 2009

Week 1 as a pet

Well I have been a domestic pet for a week now. After some time in a foster home, I am not sure now long I was there, but thanks Glyns, you were great especially after the cow pat incident! I travelled with some of my other mates up from the Manawatu to Auckland. After a swap of vehicles and the transfer of some cash in a McDonald's car park, reminiscent of a shady deal, I made it to my new home.

The video below shows some of the things that I have been up to in my new home. I am learning new things with my new owners and am also having a lot of fun. I am finding life in Auckland a bit hot, so am grateful for the cool concrete floors to lie on, I do have a big soft bed of my own and toys and I have also discovered the delights of pigs ears... I am taken out for walks every day and have learnt to sleep in my bed all night, although I have also spent a night in every member of the family's bedroom too. I have been introduced to different sized dogs on my walks and even went to the beach in St Heliers, but was not to keen on the sea, it moves a lot! Something strange happens when I go out, if I wear my muzzle people think that I am dangerous and aviod me when I do not have it on, I get lots of hugs and kisses, strange.

I am off to Waiatarua Reserve this afternoon, to meet more dogs. I know that my owners are keen to let me off the leash and see how fast I can run, but I am still learning their commands for stay, walk and come. I have mastered stay and walk on the lead, but when I am off the lead I still want to walk around! Ah well practice makes perfect and while I am practicing, I am getting treats to encourage me to learn... Who exactly is training who here?

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