20 February 2010

Audience by request at Animates

My family got an e-mail from the GAP people this week. The Animates store on Mount Eden Road was having a pet expo weekend and wanted as many pets as possible to be in the store. GAP thought it would be good for us ex-racers to be there to promote the cause.

So after I lazed about and watched the family do their chores, (it is amazing how irritating you can be by continually shifting your sleeping position to be just in the wrong place at the right time as they sweep the floor, load the dish washer or sort the laundry. They hate that!) Chores done, the family bundled me into the car. We went for a quick stroll in St Heliers to pick up another member of the family who had completed work and we were off.

When I got there is was a riot of animals. I was in my element! Lots of small furry things to sniff at and of course I managed to get in the way a lot. I have found that it is a great way to get extra hugs, especially in a pet shop. Just stand entirely across an aisle, blocking it, and they all have to pat you to get passed. I was the only Greyhound there, we got there at 1:00 and stayed for an hour. I loved the chooks, the rats and the piglets, oh and the cats, but they were safe behind glass. Now that is not what I call a sporting chance!

I got lots of interest from children and adults alike. I was easily the biggest animal there, that is until I met the goats! It was a bit of a Mexican stand off with them, no loss of face. Then I met a fellow dog, not sure what it was, I wandered up to him in a 'I'm the biggest dog in here' kind of way. I then realised that he was much bigger than me and at that moment I had a sudden urge to find something else to look at, outside the shop. In fact at that moment, the car, home and bed were suddenly very appealing.

On the way out we met a fellow ex-racer on the way in. She had a GAP bib to wear and everything, she looked very smart. We had our photos taken together, but unfortunately I have forgotten her name. Anyway the photos of the trip are below.

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Helen Hardie said...

Hi Stanley - it sounds like that you are having a great time with your new family. You are a very handsome dog!