07 February 2010

Been out with my mates...

My family have been winding me up again. Several times this week they have been making excuses for the couple of times that we have not been out for a walk twice a day. They have been saying things like, "You will get a big run on Sunday." and "...we're saving your energy for the weekend." So at 9:45 today I was packed into the car with the rest of the family and we went here:

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I met up with all my new mates again and made some new friends too. There were loads of dogs of different sizes on this beach, most were very playful, some were just plain rude. Some of the owners of other dogs were not very happy with us Greyhounds running together, even though we were muzzled, it is that whole muzzle thing again. We were just out having fun. I am still not sure about this water that moves stuff, although the others seemed to like it.

I got the staff to take some images of us at play, the are below hope that you like them. I would love to hear your comments.

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Blackhounds said...

what fantastic photos! It was a great day and the hounds enjoyed hooning about the beach and splashing through the water. Hero had a huge sleep after that one :)
See you next time,
Atlanta & Hero