27 August 2011

PetExpo - 2011

Today my family took Jess and I out. We were up early and went for a walk on the beach at St Heliers, I am not a great fan of the beach, too much sand, but my family make me walk on it as it cleans up my paws a real treat! Jess loves the beach, she just trots along looking around at all the sights and sounds of the beach. Last time we were at the beach in St Heliers we met another hound but she was not there today.

Anyway after breakfast and a short rest, we were off in the car again, this time we went to the Pet Expo over at the North Shore Events Centre. The place was packed, and just like the great Led Zepplin album, we went in through the out door. Once in side we were both assaulted by the sights, sounds and smells of the expo. There were pets of all sizes and their owners everyhwere!

We did a three hour stint on the GAP stand. We hussled hard to encourage others to adopt our brothers and sisters in the kennels. It was stimulation overload. Jess was not so keen on all the attention and kept hiding, but after a while she decided to give it a go and cheered up. I, however was in my element, seeking out every face to lick and every hand to be patted, stroked and scratched with. After a while though, even I had to have a lie down. But I made sure I had a nice lap to lie on when I did!

You can see some images of us that attended today below. There were some new hounds that we had not met before and others who we had. Some of the names that I remember from today were: Lily, Eddie, Kylie, Bella, Gizmo.

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Fatima said...

Good on you Stanley and Jess for helping out! You and the other hounds looked GREAT, and i am sure there will be a few adoption/foster applications coming through! well done!