22 May 2011

Stan and Jess run together

This weekend marks the official residence for Jess. My family invited the Auckland dog ranger round to assess whether our section is good enough for us, we passed and now Jess has an Auckland City dog tag and the ranger took away her Manawatu licence.

The weekend got even better when my family got us up early today and took us out for our usual morning walk. But this time, for the first time in ages, they brought along our muzzles. Jess and I have never run together before, in fact my family have never let Jess off the lead when we are out. But today was different, today we went to the Crossfield Reserve and there was no one on it and we ran! It was misty and empty. I was allowed to run first, it was great to be let off the leash and run free again. Then the family let Jess go, she was not really sure what to do and bounded off like a bunny rabbit! She did put on a little burst of speed, but I am sure if we had been running together, I would have won!

This afternoon we went out again, this time to Churchill Park and again with muzzles. Our family took us to a section of the park where we could again be off lead. This time however, we had to do recall, which we did really well and the family also took some images of us running too. Finally Jess and I ran together and I still beat her!

You can check out the images of us running at Churchill Park below. It was such great fun, we hope to go back there again regularly. Several other dog walkers stopped us as we were returning to the car as they love us Greyhounds and were bitterly disappointed that they did not see us running. Next time, we told them!


Fatima said...

hello David :) Gorgeous photos! Is it ok to 'steal' them for my blog and link to this post? :)

dakinane said...


No worries, help yourself. You can grab the originals from http://photobucket.com account, just click on the link at the bottom of the slideshow.

4-legged Wiums said...

that looks like a lot of fun!! I bet Jess enjoyed finally being allowed to run :) very cool!

dakinane said...

They sure did, will be doing that again soon.