15 May 2011

GAP - Nosh Metro

It was not a GAP run yesterday, but a meeting outside Nosh Metro on Ponsonby Road. Jess and I were taken there by the family and we all stood around looking great and spreading the word to encourage people to stop and then think about adopting more of our friends. The stopping strategy was easy, we occupied a corner, outside one of the entrances to Nosh. The then occupied both sides of the footpath. The only escape was either to duck into the Nosh store, which would have made the manager happy, walk into the busy Ponsonby Road, not very safe or run the gauntlet of us and be forced to love us!

So what happened? Well people and other dogs ran our gauntlet! Only one owner of a small white fluffy thing, sort of a feather duster with legs, elected to pick up his furball and walk through us. The rest were all happy to stop, pet us and be informed about us. Lots of people were happy to make cash donations to the cause. To all of you who donated, thanks a lot.

As usual it was great to reacquaint myself and to introduce Jess to some of my old mates. Here is the roll call of who was there before we left: Riley, Mouse, Puni, Nicky, Jenny, Molly and Otis.

Below are some images of us.

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