15 May 2011

Stan and Jess - broadcasting live

Stan and Jess have their own TV channel on http://ustream.tv We want to see what our hounds get up to when we are not home. Do they play, do they sleep together, apart etc. So you too can check in to see what the hounds do by watching their channel either here or on their site: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/stan-cam1

Streaming live video by Ustream


4-legged Wiums said...

what a cool idea!! We've always wondered what our two get upto when we aren't home

dakinane said...

It is easy to set up just have a webcam and an account at http://ustream.tv and then you can broadchast as long as you like. Our channel will only be live while we are at work and once I have purchased a 15m USB cable, which I will do on the way home from work tomorrow, Monday. So we should be live after that. Watch this space.