22 August 2010

GAP Takapuna run

My family took me to Takapuna beach today. The weather initially looked a bit bleak, but it did pick up. The great thing about the walk was all the other hounds who turned up. I think I counted 15, but it got very confusing with all the new names. Shame other Stan and Arrow were not there, but maybe next time? Now the list of names that I remember from today are: Boxer, Disco, Hero, Jess, Hoss, Cruzer, Enzo, Bobby, Fitz, me of course! Ice, Titch (Boo!) Ronan and one other black hound whose name I forget!

If there are any of you who I have forgotten please remind me in the comments box.

It was great fun, we were all well behaved and lots of other dog owners came up to speak to us. As you can see from the slideshow below I had a good rest when I got home! My family keep on looking at Thursday on the family calendar for next week, then looking at me, something is up, not sure what, but will keep you informed.

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4-legged Wiums said...

WOW, so many hounds!! Looks like the walk was great, we were sad we couldn't make it :(