28 August 2010

Stan and Shannon explore

Shannon arrived on Thursday, since then my family have been toying with names. They do not want to have two dogs with names starting with "S" they think that we might get confused. So the are experimenting with names, I rather like Yelnats which is Stanley backwards! I think that the family have been reading and watching Holes too much!

I am slowly getting used to having another hound in the house. She is certainly inquisitive and has tried to show me how to play games. I am a kind of take it or leave it kind of guy, although she does look like she is having fun when she is playing, so maybe I will join in more soon. She also likes to get on the sofas and on the beds, which I do not do and my family do not like Shannon doing, but she still does! She has lots to learn. She does do stairs but comes down very slowly. We have been playing musical beds, but it all seems to be fine at the moment, there is always one spare place to flop and now that Shannon has discovered the beds and sofas, she has lots of choices when the family are not looking!

We have been on plenty of walks together and Shannon likes to investigate everything, she even balances on her hind legs to see over things. Shannon has met lots of other people on the streets and they all like to see both of us. Today we were walking and we met two of my regular friends, the Beagles, their owner calls me 'Stretch.' She thinks that Shannon is lovely and the Beagles kept their distance but were friendly too, towards Shannon. Shannon is still working out what it what. My, or should I say, our family took us to St Heliers today for a walk on the beach. There were kite surfers, mini humans, mini dogs, bikes and cars all over the place all of which seemed to be of tremendous interest to Shannon. I guess she is finding it all as exciting as I did when I first arrived.

When we got home we were both zoom groomed, I love this and Shannon seemed to too. Then Shannon showed great interest in a scarf on the hat stand and tried to pull it off. How history repeats itself. I did exactly the same thing just after I arrived! Only when I did it, my family did not notice my attentions and I pulled the whole hatstand on myself and gave me a terrible fright!


4-legged Wiums said...

Shannon looks lovely :) Good luck with thinking up a new name, Arrow learned his new name (far better than Romeo) pretty quickly.
- Helen, Noel, Arrow and Snoopy

dakinane said...

Thanks Helen. We think that she is lovely but are stuck with the name any advice gratefully accepted!

4-legged Wiums said...

To come up with Arrow's name, we tried to find something that still had the 'ar' and the 'oh' sound from Romeo, so googled 'words that rhyme with Romeo', and one of the hundreds listed, was Arrow - we thought it suited him. Or you could go for something completely different, and use her race name - Dancer? It just turned out that Arrow had the "AR" from Arctic and the "OH" from Romeo! haha!