26 August 2010

Moon Dancer joins Big Dapto

My family have so enjoyed my wonderful company that they have decided to get more of me!

One of the younger members of the family took me out for walk today, this is most peculiar mid week as they are all usually either working or doing homework. But still, I am never one to miss a walk as they often end in a run, especially when the muzzle comes out.

So today off I was taken on this walk. About 5 minutes into the walk, we chanced upon one of the other members of my family, who had another hound on a lead. This new hound is Moon Dancer, we spent the rest of the walk getting to know each other. I am not the most sociable of hounds, I like to keep myself to myself, but this girl looks like she might be fun, we will have to see.

It is early days, but she came home with me. I showed her round and she started to show me how to play, not sure about that at the moment! It seems like "Shannon" as she is called likes to run, so we could have fun together in the reserve behind our house soon. You can see photos of Shannon running here.

Here is a photo of Shannon and I out on our walk today.


4-legged Wiums said...

How exciting!!! Shannon looks lovely :)

Fatima said...

We took Shannon for the big run the other day (before her long drive to AKL) and she was just THE CUTEST! :-) She just met us that day but recalled to us in the paddock :) I have to say, she looks like a Siamese cat! LOL You will love her Stanley! :-)