23 January 2010

GAP Auckland January run

My family have been saying to me all week that they had a surprise organised for me for Saturday morning. Well after I got them up at 6:00 asking where it was, I kind of moped around looking for it. The surprise was not evident, everything seemed normal, although I was a bit peeved that I was not taken for my normal walk after breakfast. These humans are so mercurial!

Anyway at 9:30 they piled me into the car and took me out to Meola Road Reserve at Western Springs and there I met loads of my fellow retired racers, we had a great time. What a surprise! I really perked up after that. We ambled around the reserve, getting to know each other and then once we had got through the gate into the fenced area, we were let off of the leash and allowed to roam and run. It was great.

Now that I am home, I have spent the entire day recovering, I am exhausted! I loved meeting my fellow ex-racers and can not wait for the next meet. You can see from the video and slide show below that we all had a great time.

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Oscar said...

Hi Stanley,

Great job on the blog, loved reading all about your new pet adventures. I can see life is treating you well and that you have found a great family. Really great humans you have there, had a chance to sniff out the old dude with the beard.

I'm off to Australia soon, so I'll say hi to all our old mates accross the ditch.

Wof, Oscar (and my humas Uros & Mojca)

Dogs rule, cars drool