10 January 2010

A new year a new home

This week has been quite eventful. It started with the new year celebrations, I was not too keen on the fireworks that some of the neighbours let off to start the new year. But as they did not last too long it was not really an issue either.

This week can be summed up by boundaries! I have been pushing the sleeping arrangement boundaries this week, when my new family all retire upstairs I see no reason not to join them, so after about 20 minutes or so, I sneak up and join them, but they keep putting me back to my own bed, I am starting to get bored of this waste of energy and I think that I will just stay put in future, but I will keep the family guessing for a bit longer!

Hooray after the boring food of convalescence I am back on my gruts and some additional extras. I have lost 2kg while I was ill, so now I have to build up some weight and not exercise too much, so my two walks a day have been reduced to a short stroll after the heat of the day. I went back to the vets this week and I was a star, all the nurses came up to say hello they gave me lots of cuddles and liver treats. I am the first Greyhound at the practice and they want me to come back as often as I like, even if I am not ill. They were really impressed that, even when I was at my most de-hydrated and weak, I still had enough energy and drive to have a go at a cat in the surgery. Respect!

The other boundaries that I have been testing this week have been my own. I have banged my head, my feet and my tail a lot this week. I seem not to know my own size, I was out in Waiatarua Reserve the other day, I turned my head and banged it hard into a bench, I have banged my feet into the steps on the deck and have on a number of occaisions walked straight into the door jam of a completely open door ! I think that I am a Whippet trapped in the body of a Greyhound!

Apparently my trainer has been asking after me and how I am getting on. Sonja has relayed the information that I am getting on well with my new family, but he does not have Internet access to read this via his a computer. My new family say that he could read this blog and subscribe to the RSS feed via his phone if it is a 3G phone. Apparently it is really simple to do, but as I have no thumbs to speak and do not txt, I can not comment!

Today's picture is of me in the driving seat! Well not really, I sneaked in to the car and tried to make myself comfortable in the front, but I have to admit that I prefer the back, someone else can do all the leading, I am in for the easy life. I think that I might need to get some wing mirrors fitted to me though if I keep hitting myself. Right when's dinner?

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