15 January 2010

Some interesting information

It has been another interesting week for me. I am starting to recognise the ebb and flow of my new family and am relaxing into it, I am getting very used to them coming and going in ones and twos or indeed all of them at one time and it is not really phasing me, although I do get very excited when I hear the garage door open when they return.

I have been going out on regular walks again and am loving exploring the local streets and parks, I am getting to know the local dogs, I met my neighbour the other day and went to his house. In fact I had escaped and took off up the drive, long story. Anyway after a short sprint down the street, over all the gardens, I galloped back to my family, who were talking to the neighbours. I started talking to Louie who invited me in, so we went into his house for a run around! Then I met their cat at that point I was removed and the cat was rescued! Red faces all round really. I am a sucker for a moggie! Love them! Trouble is no one else is too happy about my focused attention upon their fur ball!

My family have been in touch with my old trainer and have really enjoyed speaking to him. He told them about all the treats that I love, like a bit of marmite on toast, how I like little bit of tea, that I like milk with my dinner and the dog biscuits that I love. Silly really all they had to do was ask me, but I guess it is knowing the right questions to ask. He told them all about me and how when I was a pup in Australia I was initially sold for a huge amount of money, based on my parents. But there was a snag, like horses, there are particular conditions that I am suited to. I love to run on grass tracks and do not perform well on cinder tracks, apparently I do not corner well on that surface and lose speed. But on grass no one can beat me! Trouble is that there are not enough grass tracks and so I am retired.

I spent 18 months with my trainer, so I have only been in New Zealand a short while, but he used to train me on a running machine for 20 minutes at a time and when we went to the races he would share his chip supper with me and my other mates at the end of the evening. He also suggested ways in which I could be let off of the lead for a run in the park behind my new home.

So this morning that is exactly what happened. I was walked out into the field and my new family armed with treats, toys and bribes let me off of the leash! What joy! I bounded off past everyone, around the edge of the reserve until I heard them call my name and I came bounding back to them at full tilt! I loved it. At the end of the dash I did a face plant on the grass out of sheer delight, just like the Premier League footballers do when they have scored a goal. I am already looking forward to my next off leash dash. Oh and in case you are wondering, yes I had my muzzle on, but would have prefered not to have had it on. Next time there will be video footage of my turn of speed on grass. I am not as fit as I once was and at the end of that 400 metre sprint I was really puffed, so went and had a lie down!


Marnie said...

I do think you are pretty amazing Stanley - imagine writing a blog - you are so advanced! One thing that concerns me though - does wearing a muzzle mean that you bite??

dakinane said...

Hi Marnie, would love to meet you! ER no I do not bite I have a very placid and loving nature but I am a sight hound. Over thousands of years, we are a very pure breed the Egyptians had Greyhounds, we have developed fantastic long distance sight. This means that if I see something small and furry in the distance, or anything that looks interesting at a distance I run to it. So when I am off the lead and with the potential to accelerate to 45mph in 6 paces, I need to wear a muzzle, just in case I see something and go! I am very partial to cats.... And I am sure that the cat's owner would not want me to terrorise them!

For your information, I have staff and I dictate!

Samantha Stone said...

Heyy Stanley ( stan the man!) its your foster family here... Good to see you have settled into your new home and what a good boy you are coming back when you are called :).. we miss you heaps! and wish you all the best for the future! Say hi to your family for us too!

Yours Truely
Your Foster Family!
(Glynis, Samantha, Anthony and of course Jazz :))