30 January 2010


These humans! My family were clipping my toe nails today, I did not think that they needed doing and kept pulling my paw away. They have done it before and it was not an issue, but today they caught my quick and it bled, ouch! It bled for ages. Once the flow slowed down and they made me a little plaster...

After that we went into town, to Remuera, to buy dancing stuff for one of the family members, while they were doing that some of us, including me went for a wander. We ended up in Remuera Vets. There were several very posh pets in there. We went in for that powder that can be used to stop blood flow. I caused a bit of a stir, the vet came out to see me, and whisked me off to the treatment room ahead of a cat that was already waiting! I did not need treatment, but she just wanted to have a look at a Greyhound, after that I then saw the receptionist, she made a fuss as did the owner of the cat and finally the owner of the pet accessories place. I walked in, got seen first, was given some product and not charged! All because I am a Greyhound! Result!

Later, in St Heliers, I made a load of new friends, big and small all came up to me to find out all about me, I really like being popular. Finally I met my new best friend, my butcher and he cut up some brisket for me. I am now making very short work of that and my teeth are benefiting too.

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