31 January 2010

The king of kong

Something is up... I have been given this toy that has kept me busy for ages, it is so engrossing that I did not even notice that my family had left the house today, not that them going is much of an issue, it is just that this toy, called a kong is great!

Over the last few weeks I have been introduced to all sorts of stuff, but peanut butter is a firm favourite! It gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and it takes ages for me to get it off. Today my Kong toy had peanut butter smeared on the inside of it and I loved licking out the contents, then later on I had the same toy but with biscuit treats and peanut butter smeared on the inside, it was while I was engrossed with that particular combination that my family left me and I did not even know! As I say something is up, school holidays end this week and term starts, I think things might be a little different around here from now on.

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